Organization Profiles

Karky Research Foundation (KaReFo), established in 2013, is a non-profit educational research organisation with a primary focus on language computing and language literacy. karefo aspires to spread awareness and inculcate in students, a passion for the field of language computing. It also aims to invent and enhance methods of implementing effective language education and thereby, promote literacy. The language tools developed by KaReFo are available in

LIFO Technologies is a private limited organization founded by Mr. Nandakumar in early 2011 with a founding principle of bringing the advantages offered by internet and digital space applications to wide variety of audiences and users. Right from the beginning a disciplined methodology is being followed in all the departments such as Requirements gathering/analysis, Design, Development, Testing and delivery. LIFO Technologies Pvt Ltd.

KiLiKi Language

KiLiKi was originally created by Dr. Madhan Karky for director SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali produced by Arka Media. This site introduces the KiLiKi alphabet, numerals and grammar. KiLiKi is designed to be a minimalistic language using minimum number of symbols to cover maximum sounds. KiLiKi alphabet comprises of 22 symbols. The videos, learning material and games provided in this site will help you explore KiLiKi language.